Having good tools helps you be prepared for change.

It is very likely that new variants of COVID, like Delta or Omicron will appear. Until that happens, it’s impossible to say how contagious they will be, or how dangerous. This toolkit will help you be ready to adapt when you need to.


Your COVID toolkit can help you travel more safely.

Local, cross-country, and international travel each pose their own set of risks when COVID levels are high or rising. Protecting yourself and others will reduce your risk of getting — or spreading — COVID.

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some people

For some people, COVID is more dangerous. 

So far, COVID has been a greater threat to older people (over 65 years), people whose immune systems don’t work well, and people with certain medical conditions or medical histories. If you have any conditions on this list, or if you’re an older adult, your toolkit is even more important when COVID levels are high. Other medical conditions may also make COVID more dangerous for you. If you’re not sure, check with your healthcare provider.


You can prepare for pandemics like COVID as you would other natural emergencies.

You can stock up ahead of another COVID surge like you would for a big storm. Make sure you have good masks and tests, as well as whatever you need to stay home for a while. Then you can safely lend a hand to friends, neighbors, and family who might need help — without putting yourself at risk.