showing you care

Showing others that you care about COVID safety helps them be COVID-safer, too.

People are social beings. We like to do the things that others are doing. When you show that you’re trying to be more COVID-safe, you make it easier for people around you to be more COVID-safe too. Plus, you let the people around you know that you care about their safety.

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medical news

Accurate medical and news sources will keep you up to date on the latest COVID information.

The CDC tracks what COVID is doing in the US and around the world. Medical news sources like STAT News, Medpage Today, and Your Local Epidemiologist and medical schools like Johns Hopkins and Stanford Universities also provide up-to-date COVID information, as do many national news sources such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. If you or your kids prefer to use social media for news, it's always a great idea to be aware of signs that a source might not be reliable.


Knowing and sharing the latest information on vaccines helps you and your community.

When COVID changes, vaccine makers ensure that the vaccines will continue to help keep us safe. Following the most recent information will help you make sure that you stay as protected as possible. Sharing that information will help your family, friends, and community.

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Knowing how to stay COVID-safer in the workplace helps you and your colleagues.

COVID rules and recommendations for your type of job may change as the virus changes. But when that happens — even if you have a job with a lot of COVID risk — you can stay safer by using your COVID toolkit. Sharing what you know with others at work will help keep your workplace safer, too.

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Your family can help keep school open and safe.

When COVID protections are part of school rules, schools can be safe enough for in-person learning even when there’s lots of COVID going around your area. Staying COVID-safer at home, at work, and in your social life helps decrease the amount of COVID in your community. That helps keep your schools safe and open. Your kids can also use this COVID toolkit to help protect them while they’re in school.

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COVID weather

Sometimes the weather changes our social plans. That's true of "COVID weather," too.

If COVID infections in your community are high or growing, social activities may put you at greater risk of getting COVID. When you understand your risks, make responsible decisions, and take appropriate precautions, you reduce your chances of getting COVID and infecting others.

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